New release: 2020-09-R3

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Kismet 2020-09-R3!

Kismet 2020-09-R3 is live. This is a moderately large release for bugfixes on top of 2020-09-R1 and 2020-09-R2.

  • Properly show messages from datasources

    Properly show error and status messages from opening datasources, which previously were ignored. This should make seeing errors opening datasources much easier.

  • Fix bluetooth capture on some platforms

    Some platforms / kernels / setups appear to not enable rfkill. The bluetooth hci capture source erroneously failed when no rfkill information was available.

  • Remove 221 IE tag subtype match requirement

    Remove requiring a subtype of 0 on an IE221 tag for matching the manufacturer of otherwise unknown devices.

  • Fix potential crash in datasource panel

    Fix a long-standing potential crash when the datasource panel is open in the UI caused by a race condition with the constructor and callbacks.

  • Fix race condition in launching datasources

    Fix a long-standing race condition which could lead to some datasources not being opened properly or their types autodetected properly due to a race condition with the type probe code.

  • Increase precision of some doubles in JSON for GPS

    Found some legacy serialization code which reduced the precision of some doubles (double-vector) which would cause GPS to display with less precision.

  • Don’t shut down messagebus processing thread until Kismet is fully exiting

    The messagebus service thread could shut down before Kismet had finished spinning down, causing it to not show some of the errors causing the shutdown.

  • Fix moodycamel fast queue for gcc 9.2.0

    Merge fix from cameron314/moodycamel to the fast concurrent queue library for compiling on gcc 9.2.0

  • Add new device locking API

    Add new device locking API for internal range locking of devices to better protect records during updates between threads.


You can get the 2020-09-32 release from the Kismet downloads page, where you can get both the source and packages for several distributions.


If you’re looking to package Kismet, have a look at the packaging guidelines.


And as always, a tremendous thank you to all the supporters on Github Sponsors and Patreon