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New KismetDB version

less than 1 minute read

The database version for the kismetdb log has been updated to version 5. This version changes two significant things:

New Kismet logs

4 minute read

Almost since it’s inception, Kismet has had a handful of log types that are generated: nettxt, netxml, gpsxml, and so on. These logs had to be correlated - ...


1 minute read

Working with Department13, Kismet now supports the DroneID UAV telemetry extensions!

Web UI plugins

1 minute read

Kismet Plugins - Web-only Plugins The new Kismet plugin architecture is beginning to solidify, and as part of that, the ability to create plugins which only ...

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New Kismet website

less than 1 minute read

Kismet is migrating to a new website/developer blog based on Jekyll which can generate a much nicer version of the online documentation, and makes maintenanc...

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