New release: 2020-03-R1

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Kismet 2020-03-R1 is available!

The first full release for 2020, this is primarily a bugfix release, with fixes for:

  • RTL433 changing command line arguments
  • Extreme memory use compiling bluetooth_ids code
  • Fixes to kismetexternal python code used by rtladsb and rtlamr
  • Fixes to handling “weird” rtl433 serial numbers, like 000000001
  • Fixes for ubertooth remote cap
  • Updates to the kw41z capture code
  • Support for multiple phys on a single interface
  • Fix for buffer size calculation which could impact gps handling
  • Smarter error handling with channel tuning failures
  • Support for CORS cross-side negotiation for running Kismet behind a proxy


You can get the 2020-03-R1 release from the Kismet downloads page, where you can get both the source and packages for several distributions.


If you’re looking to package Kismet, have a look at the packaging guidelines.