New release: 2019-09-R1

1 minute read

Kismet 2019-09-R1 is here!

This release has a handful of bug fixes, some fun improvements to the UI, but most imporantly, solves an issue where some pyModeS code under the GPL3 license was improperly merged in to kismet_cap_sdr_rtladsb which is under GPL2. Many apologies to the pyModeS team!

  • Remove GPL3 code improperly included into the GPL2 code base
  • Handle altitude in adsb correctly
  • Rename demo plugins consistently
  • Fix expander arrows in the UI
  • Fix device table not showing details after changing the columns
  • Fix wigle export not pulling SSID from new aliased record
  • Tweak python polling/process management

Building on some of the reports from running the new code in the Defcon environment, 2019-08-R2 has a large focus on simplifying the threading system and solving deadlocks under extremely busy conditions.

New features and improvements

  • Live display of QBSS channel use and station count
  • Live update of device details windows
  • Migration to consistent graphing platform (chartjs)
  • New filter_locals option to wifi capture sources to use BPF to filter other local interfaces, simplifying remote cap over Wi-Fi
  • Incorporate flight number and other info into ADSB device names

Known bugs & issues

  • ADSB does not include lat/lon yet
  • rtl_adsb may die and not be noticed by Python


You can get the 2019-09-R1 release from the Kismet downloads page.


If you’re looking to package Kismet, have a look at the packaging guidelines.