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Other Projects
Spectrum Analyzer display and logging for Wi-Spy and Ubertooth One
802.15.4 (Zigbee) sniffing hardware for use with Kismet

Kismet Plugins
Bluetooth baseband sniffer (requires Ubertooth device)
DECT Sniffer
DECT digital phone sniffer capture source and client display plugin (requires DECT card)
Kismet-PTWKismet SVN
Passive Aircrack-PTW plugin for opportunistic WEP cracking inside Kismet (README)
Kismet-SpectoolsKismet SVN
Spectools-Net logging and curses display integrated with Kismet(README)

Patrick Salecker's Kismet Tools Several useful tools, log combiners, and a GUI monitoring tool for Kismet
gkismet GTK-Perl frontend
KisWin Client KisWin windows VB based frontend
klv Kismet Log Viewer
kismetlcd LCDProc frontend
kismet-logfile-stats Kismet logfile analyzer and stats generator
KLC enhanced Enhanced/Speed boosted KLC (local mirror) (Info)
Python Kismet-Google Earth Python SAX Kismet XML to Google Earth KML converter (forum post)
"Dumb" Kismet Win32 Client "Dumb" (his words, not mine) Win32 native Kismet client
QKismet A QT GUI for Kismet
PyKismetKML A Kismet NetXML/GPSXML to KML converter (2009 and newer releases)
LEWifi Wifi Location Mapper (signal plotter)
Adam Ziaja mapper Multi-map-source mapper (google maps, OSM, UMP)

Wireless Resources
Renderlab OpenWRT Renderman's Kismet + OpenWRT guide
Renderlab Kismet on Windows Renderman's Kismet + Cygwin guide
Jean Tourrilhes Jean Tourrilhes Linux Wireless Resources page
Linux-wlan chipset list Enormous list of cards, interfaces, and chipsets from the people at
Metageek / Wi-Spy Makers of the Wi-Spy spectrum analyzer