Hak5 WiFi Pineapple MK7 LED mod

Wi-Fi Pineapple Mk 7 LED Mod

The MK7 LED mod is an add-on board for the Hak5 Wi-Fi Pineapple MK7 which adds some bling and fun LEDs. Proceeds from the case help support Kismet development, too!

The LED mod is designed to work best with the Kismet MK7 case; with the normal black opaque case the LEDs won’t be visible.

Installation of the LED mod requires very basic soldering skills.

Assembly Directions

This assumes you’ve already disassembled the MK7 and have the board accessible.

  1. Place the LED board so that the LEDs are facing up, and the 4 holes fit over the debug header on the MK7 PCB.

    Align board{:width=“300px”} Zoom

  2. Slightly tack down the board by soldering the 4 pins on the debug header.

    I recommend using a very small amount of solder to make it easier to remove the board in the future if so desired.

Controlling the LEDs

The LEDs are controlled with the LEDMK7 tool on the Pineapple.

You can:

  • Change the speed of the pulsing of the LEDs

    # LEDMK7 -p 255

    To set the pulse speed even faster:

    # LEDMK7 -p 255,5
  • Change the color of the pulsing LEDs

    The LED colors are defined as HSV (hue, saturation, value). You can experiment with the values, or use colors from the HSV color wheel.

    To pulse from a dim red to bright green:

    # LEDMK7 -a 30,200 -b 120,255

    To pulse bright green and only change the brightness:

    # LEDMK7 -a 120,255 -b 120,255

    Each pattern is set as a Hue (color, 0-360) and saturation (0-255).

  • Set each LED to a specific color

    Each LED can be set to its own color and brightness. Each LED is set to a Hue (color, 0-360), Saturation (0-255), and brightness (0-255).

    # LEDMK7 -0 30,255,255 -1 120,255,255 -2 300,255,255 -3 0,0,255

You can find more examples and detailed info with:

# LEDMK7 --help

Reflashing the LED mod

The LED mod uses an attiny841, flashed with an Arduino bootloader. It has a standard 6-pin AVR ISP header for programming.

Because of how the board is connected to the MK7, you must use a programmer which can be configured to flash without power. You should never feed power into the MK7 via a programmer. A programmer like this (Amazon affiliate link) will work fine.