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Posted by:awdmesh
Subject:Column to show kismet remote device/ID
Date:15:23:31 22/09/2018

Say you have more then one Kismet remote (OpenWRT) source feeding your kismet server. How are you suppose to see which Kismet remote device is reporting what it sees? I only have one remote device setup so far, but I'm assuming by looking at all the options/columns that there's no way to tell what remote devices are seeing whatever.

The only thing I could think of is pausing all but one input and one by one doing that till you zero in on which remote device is seeing whatever signal you want to zero in on.

edit: I should've read all the options for kismet! I see how to name remote devices, however, I still don't see how that name is tied to specific signals/devices identified on the kismet webpage. Even if you click on a "device name" and look at the information, I've yet to see where it's tied to a specific remote capture device that logged the signal to begin with. Even in the messages section, it just says "Detected New" but does not tell what actually detected it.

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