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Posted by:barcaroller
Subject:Questions regarding development/git version...
Date:01:38:37 08/05/2018

I have downloaded the latest source code (using git), and compiled/installed kismet (version 2017-00-DEV) on Linux. Everything is mostly working fine (the new web gui is great!), but I do have a few questions:

* When I run kismet, it generates unified logs (*.kismet files) by default. How do I interpret/decode them? I am especially interested in the log files (output by the server) and the pcap files.

* When the kismet server runs, I'm unable to control the scrolling of the text in the server window. I end up missing the messages at the beginning. How can I see the full output?

* I was not able to get filtering to work. For example, the line


in the etc/kismet.conf file had no effect. Is filtering working in this release?

That's it for now. I may have more questions later on. Thanks for your time.

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