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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:plugin to forward packets from kisemt to another process
Date:14:11:00 10/08/2017

> hi..
> is there a plugin that allows kismet to tunnel the messages it accepts outside? via sockets / http

The new Kismet code in git-master can export pcap-ng streams over http; the full docs are in git under:

you can pull a pcap stream of all packets from all data sources, packets from a specific data source, packets from a specific device, or packets from a specific bssid. The URIs are all listed under 'Packet Capture' in the webui_rest doc.

This requires the kismet-git code, of course, and won't work with stable.

Stable DOES have tuntap export, which uses the linux tun/tap driver to make a virtual interface which gets a copy of the packets; the code is a bit old but should still work.

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