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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:BSSIDSRC delivered for switched of WLAN card
Date:17:18:02 04/08/2017

> Hi,
> I am new in this forum and hope to get some advice by the experts around.
> I add and delete WLAN cards dynamically using ADDSRC and DELSRC. When I delete a source from kismet then I switch it's power off and the respective network interface vanishes as expected. Both commands are positively ACKnowledged by kisemt.
> BUT, surprise, surprise: Kismet delivers (over it's socket) BSSIDSRC packets claiming signal data coming from precisely this switched off sensor with an uptodate timestamp.
> Only when I switch off all sensors then kismet stops delivering such confusing data.

At this point that code is going to be deprecated in the very forseeable future with the completely rewritten code in git-master; I'm unlikely to spend any real time debugging/changing the old code at this point.

It's probably getting the data from another sensor; deleting a source wouldn't likely delete all the references to it for historical data.

The new capture/remote source is 100% rewritten so there's not a ton of value in trying to dig through the old code, sorry - you can try playing with git master though...


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