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Posted by:DieReineGier
Subject:BSSIDSRC delivered for switched of WLAN card
Date:14:14:16 04/08/2017


I am new in this forum and hope to get some advice by the experts around.

I add and delete WLAN cards dynamically using ADDSRC and DELSRC. When I delete a source from kismet then I switch it's power off and the respective network interface vanishes as expected. Both commands are positively ACKnowledged by kisemt.

BUT, surprise, surprise: Kismet delivers (over it's socket) BSSIDSRC packets claiming signal data coming from precisely this switched off sensor with an uptodate timestamp.

Only when I switch off all sensors then kismet stops delivering such confusing data.

I am on ubuntu on RaspberrPi and the Kismet version is 2016-07-R1.

Could anyone please explain this behavior to me?
Thanks in advance!

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