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Posted by:clickwir
Subject:Screen doesn't update unless a button is pressed
Date:00:00:21 11/07/2017

> > > 2016-07-R1 on Ubuntu 16.4, kismet seems to work fine and captures networks and GPS. However, the screen showing the networks found doesn't auto update. If I tap an arrow key, it updates once and then not again until another button is pressed.
> > >
> > > View is on Auto Fit. The only thing I turned off was the Packet graph.
> >
> > Huh. That's weird. What terminal program? I haven't seen that happen before...
> Gnome Terminal it looks like. It's on a friends laptop, I'll see about getting more details. Like if he customized the terminal or something.
> I remember seeing similar behavior many years ago with kismet also. Probably 6+ years ago though.

After a reboot and changing some Gnome Terminal settings, like color and "reset to default" things... seems to be working ok now.

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