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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:ERROR: Failed to read a packet from wlan1. The interface is no longer up.
Date:13:42:01 05/07/2017

> I've realized that I am not facing the issue on the first run of the Kismet. If I close it down, and run it again, then the error appears. The solution is to unplug/plug in the WiFi USB adapter. Somehow wlan1 stay in monitor mode, is this normal behavior?

Most likely you've left networkmanager running - kali has it running by default, and networkmanager will change the type of interfaces and bring them up/down and mess with vifs.

Simplest route is to just disable network manager - sudo service networkmanager stop, or something similar depending if Kali capitalizes it. A less simple solution is to figure out what networkmanager version you have installed and what you need to do to tell it to ignore your wifi interface.

The git-master development kismet contains code to communicate with networkmanager and tell it to ignore the primary and vif interfaces; when that is done it will unsubscribe the interface from nm automatically.

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