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Posted by:jturner
Subject:spectool_gtk Question
Date:15:13:28 26/06/2017

> > > Is there a way to save the data that is captured by the spectool_gtk? I would like to set up a system that will monitor an environment 24/7, but I cannot find a way to save the data to a file.
> >
> > Not currently - you can use spectool_raw though and dump that to a file though, it outputs a basic CSV-ish format.
> The spectool_raw works fine, but I am having trouble finding documentation on the spectool_raw utility. The comments in the .c file indicate that some RSSI translation needs to be done. I found a SPECTOOL_RSSI_CONVERT() macro in the code, but I wasn't sure if it was relevant. What exactly are the values that are streamed out?
> Further, what is the Python grapher tool that can be used to look at the data?

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