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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:logging to elasticsearch?
Date:14:52:43 21/06/2017

> > I've written a script to extract the logs and devices from the API and write them to elasticsearch on an interval. Have you considered being able to write directly from kismet to ES?
> That'd probably be a good candidate to be a plugin - the new plugin arch is getting close to finalized;
> It might also work well just as client code, pulling at regular intervals and dumping into a nosql style database; being able to log and search json seems to lend itself well to some of those architectures.

I just added /devices/all_devices.ekjson to the web ui; this lets you pull all the devices, complete record structure, one record per line (instead of wrapping all the devices in a json vector object, each line of the return is a complete json object). This lines up with the new tshark ekjson output, too.

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