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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:location awareness fun...
Date:21:28:16 03/06/2017

> the new version (maybe it's not so new - I remember the days before it was client/server :D) of kismet is really awesome. I'm loving the new API - it's enabling me to do location awareness when multiple people are home (or not - based on their phone) to trigger home automation stuff. I have a script that is watching kismet API for devices, then triggering an event in #slack which triggers does a whole bunch of stuff in IFTTT. Now, when we leave, all the lights and non-essential stuff go off, and when we come home, they all come back on! If one of us is home, it knows to leave everything on!
> thanks for the hard work on this! it's amazing!

Ha ha! Awesome! I'm glad to hear the new API is already showing results!


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