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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Can Kismet gather Bitrate data?
Date:21:22:54 01/06/2017

> I'm trying to create a heat map of connectivity across an area. I can already use the dBm measurements to do this with signal strength, but I also want to do it with signal speed.
> Are there any mbps readings in any of the Kismet logs? The 'maxseenrate', 'max-rate', and 'beaconrate' measurements in the .netxml log all sound like they could potentially be bitrates, but I'm really not sure where all of these parameters are defined.

Currently kismet doesn't log per-frame bitrates.

If you use the latest kismet git-master code and stream a pcapng log you can inspect the raw rtap headers and do a per-packet log.

That may be something more suited to a future plugin since there isn't enough ram to keep every packet rate; it would have to be logged to a dedicated file.

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